1. The law of divine oneness.
  2. The law of vibration.
  3. The law of action.
  4. The law of correspondence.
  5. The law of cause and affect.
  6. The law of compensation.
  7. The law of attraction.
  8. The law of perpetual transmutation of energy.
  9. The law of relativity.
  10. The law of polarity.
  11. The law of rhythm.
  12. The law of gender.

If you struggle using only the law of attraction then this workshops is one to not go a miss. You will learn the 12 universal laws, your manifestation will come a lot faster as the law of attraction has limitations. However it defiantly works but requires a more deeper understanding.

Would you like to gain the knowledge and understanding on how to put action and vision into your dreams to achieve inspired results, further than you could imagine. So this workshop is one of my favourite because it goes a lot deeper than just the law of attraction, you will learn and be able to absorb the 12 universal laws.

You will be taught how to really manifest and live a fruitful life in many ways, not only in the physical realm but within You. Once you discover and absorb the benefits of these laws you will hold immense power of deliberate influence of your own reality and around you and be more in alignment with the true creator of source. You will get a more vast understanding of the dimensions of reality they cannot be changed or transcended, they have always been and always will be.

Spiritual Practises

We live in a universe governed by the universal laws. These laws are eternal and immutable. We can say that these laws are statements of conditions. Which under certain circumstances has the same procedure and the same results. Many people are not aware of these laws. I am offering an amazing workshop and one-one teachings of this amazing course, that will transform your life in many of ways.

During this workshop you will learn about the universe you will have a more wider understanding on how everything affects us through things we speak and feel and how we send our own frequency out into the divine, the creation of all of us and how we call energy’s back to us.

What if I told you, everything we do speak and feel goes out into the universe and travels in circular patterns and quantum fields. During this two day workshop You will learn how to apply all of the ‘12 laws of the universe’ you will learn each and every law and what each of them mean and how to unlock and master and become one with the great creator of all creations. We all have the power within and this has been proven to myself and so many others.

During this workshop You will be able to use the true benefits and go away with a more vast understanding on life, the universe, physical and spiritual realm, you will be able to use my teachings and put into action in your own life to master and achieve your greatness through your journey of life, to regain the knowledge and understanding that we are all free to send out what we are calling into our physical realm and how to receive and attract the true essence you desire.

Become the creator of your own life and reality. You will also learn how we create lack in our lives and how we manifest negative vibrations and unhealthy attachments, how our emotions are a vibration and many more things that I have not mentioned I shall list below.

The 12 universal laws
Higher consciousness
Connection we all share
Collective consciousness
How we affect each other
Personal power
The gift of love
Reaction and action
Same Frequency attracts Same frequency
Quantium physics
Physical realm
Spiritual realm
The universe, nature, earth
Raise your vibration
As above so below
Security and freedom
Karma (good and bad)
Fear, lack, jelousy and envy
Living from heart and passion
How to receive your own guidance
Self isolation
New and approved conditions
How your thoughts manifest
Lower emotions
Rational action
Limitations and false beliefs
Regain focus
Compassion and understanding
Female and masculine energy (yin&yang)
Healing and releasing
Mirroring your thoughts and feelings
Depressed and anxious
Feelings and words
Miss alignment
True alignment
Vibrational alignment
True Manifestation
Understanding of life and existence
Releasing blocks
Attitude and behaviour
True and lasting happiness
Wealth and joy
How we can live in despair
The mind, body, soul and spirit

Everything has a purpose in the world, If you would like to unlock the universe within you, and physical reality, then this is a fantastic workshop.