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Meditation Changes Lives

Meditation Practice

7 Primary Chakra meditations
Aura and Chakra cleansing meditation
Self Love Meditation
Healing Meditation
Mindfulness Meditation
Resting Awareness Meditation
Yin And Yang (balance&harmonize)
Chakra Toning
Mantra Meditations
Mudra & Mantra Meditations
Full Moon Meditation
Manifestation meditation
Breath Awareness Meditation
Higher Consciousness Meditation
Tantra Meditation
Kundalini Breath Work
Crystal Sound Bath Therapy
Singing Bowls Meditation

Meditation is life changing, from a emotional health point of view a physical point of view and from witnessing in others lives and even my own life and I am in no dealt about this to be the truth.

Meditation has been around for centuries and been used in many of country’s across the world and religions even before any recorded times, so this in its self shows meditation has served a good purpose in lives for many of centuries even way before 1500BC.

With my Meditation practices and teachings you will become more aware of your true journey in life, heal, find peace, allow your body to repair naturally and connect to your higher sense of self. You will learn how to awaken your own energy and align your energy. I will help teach and guide you the true beauty behind meditation. My teachings will help open your mind and close the mind, you will learn the true meaning of this phrase during my meditation practices, classes and spiritual teachings.


The true benefits of meditation and why it has stood its test of time in many of lives and cultures and even proven scientifically.

Self love
Emotional well-being
Self confidence
Learning to let go
Breath awareness
Chronic pain
Stress and tension
Heal (Trauma and Pain)
Releasing unhealthy attachments

With my meditations you will learn how to awaken the powers and energy’s that you already have within you. It will allow the energy to flow naturally so you become more alert and assertive, awaken your own powers within to become more confident, balanced, comfortable, happy, peaceful and in harmony with your true self and learn how to use your mini universe within you which I like to call the 7 primary chakras.

Would you like to change your life and release all the energy and allow your oxygen within to flow freely and naturally, then meditation is a great place to start to calm and humble the mind, body and soul.

Blood pressure
Anxiety and Depression
Boost immune system
Spiritual awakenings
Higher place of consciousness
Cleanse and recharge(aura and chakras)
Awaken chakras (energy field)