I am a spiritual life coach, I have always been connected spiritually from a child with out consciously knowing, what the connection was.

I found my self searching outside constantly fixing on external things and always felt disconnected, even if I was with family, friends or social gatherings, I still felt an emptiness and void deep within. Keep reading further down the page.

With my teachings you will learn about the levels of self, mental, emotional, physical, the mind, the body and the spirit. Even though I am certified, I have a huge amount of life experiences with a mass amount of knowledge and understanding on spirituality.

My spiritual teachings will help guide and lead you into a fruitful life in many areas, not only the physical realm but with your whole entire existence and spiritual self and help you transform so you can create and make more out of life than what you already have, being able to step into levels you have never experienced before. When the spirit of self is not in alignment then the physical self isn’t also.

Spiritual Teachings & Rituals

The Mind
The Physical Body
The Soul / Spirit
The Universe
The Moon
Spiritual Baths
Natural Remedies
Living Creations
Walking in nature
Sound healing
Yin Yang
Energy Field

Spiritial Teachings

Through my journey I searched in many of places for answers, feelings of just existing and as though something was missing, constantly trying to fix externally, even searched in church, mass and mosques. Which was still an external fix which later revealed to me, as I found myself praying to an unmerciful god outside of me, rather than being one with god, the universe the great creation of all of us. I do not judge any other beings who are religious as it’s there journey, I respect all others faiths and beliefs, we are all entitled to our own beliefs.

But for me it was a great eye opener and learning curve and was where I started to awaken and was a very big part of my path as it opened my eyes, and I guess You could say made me want to study and then become qualified in such a beautiful profession. I found the true meaning of spirituality. When I started to become aware of self and my surroundings that was not healthy for me and my soul, my mental and emotional well being. Things that no longer served me left me slowly and gradually, such as unhealthy attachments, relationships, trauma, pain and I gradually healed and transformed my life.

As a spiritual coach I like to go deep within the true hidden patterns, hidden intentions of the soul, the understanding of life and the spirit. I like to teach and lead you to yourself, because you already have all the power within, but I would love to guide and coach and help you identify and transform and recreate the inside the internal spirit of the physical body, be able to have wider understanding and connect with the soul on a much greater level and find total happiness, freedom, peace and abundance in all areas of life and even there loved ones.

Learning how to not bypass hiccups that have come into your path and use all these things as gifts to grow and transform and be able to lead themselves in life, embody to understand and know that you are a soul and have gifts within you and really work and create and manifest in the world with an ever lasting of joy and fulfilment, a better understanding and become a great impact and imprint on your life and others, to be able to lead by example. I have witnessed the true beauty of spirituality and spiritual growth, how it has rubbed off on my clients and there own family members, friends and including loved ones and even in my own household, family and friends.

Spiritual awakenings
Higher consciousness
Healthy Relationships
Crystal Sound Bath Therapy
Singing Bowls Meditation

Positive feelings and emotions
Deepening connections
Compassion and empathy
Physical and mental health
Embracing spirituality
the Universe

Spiritual Practises

I went deep within my soul and started learning about the mind, body and soul and many more spiritual practices most of all the spiritual realm and It was then I truly filled the emptiness in my soul. I went on to study and become gracefully qualified as a spiritual life coach along with all my other professions.

Today I feel connected to the physical body and spirituality and feel in total alignment and gratitude for feeling whole inside and the blissful life we can live in awareness and filled with love. Through feeling the eternal love I have within me, all beautiful things started to materialise in my spiritual and physical realm naturally, but not until I truly worked on the inside of self.

Would you like to make ever lasting change with out keep having to fix externally and more rather internally and all other things you desire manifests itself in healthier ways.

There is another version of you waiting for you and I would love to help you witness and embody the other person of self through experience, energy, clarity and guidance.