My Spiritual Tantra is the most ancient spiritual treatment and I absolutely love Spiritual Tantra when practiced the ancient way. It Is a spiritual science that has been about for 7000 years. one can incorporate so many things during this treatment. This treatment helps lead to greater fulfilment as it awakens the whole energy field. Reiki, meditation and yoga all originated from Tantra, which is why Tantra has to be my most favourite spiritual practice as it’s been around for centuries and modernised into all other practices. Even though they all still have great benefits and I love.

Tantra means woven together bringing you too a meditative state helping weave the physical with the spiritual. Tantra treatments are a slow, meditative form of a more intense awakening. The aim is to awaken the entire energy field to make you feel more connected and as one with the divine energy, the end goal is connecting the mind, body and spirit as it aligns with your spiritual journey through life. Its aim is to move the energy throughout the entire body for healing, transformation, and enlightenment.

My spiritual Tantra treatments are comprehensive care for connecting the mind, body, soul and spirit. This practice is therapeutic and reduces the stress level and increases the sensitivity of all the body parts, awakening and enlightening helping Create a deeper dimension of relaxation of the mind, body and spirit.

Tantra helps with true alignment in helping align the divine masculine and feminine energy and giving you a more healthy balance in giving your life a renewal through this connection.

Tantra helps with all the 7 primary chakras within, it’s a slow release of energy that helps with chakra function, unblocking, cleansing and balancing the chakras making your energy field feel more in control, assertive confident, grounded, secure, both physically, mentally and emotionally and in harmony with oneself. Tantra also lifts the mind, body and spirit and helps with purifying your aura so you look and feel more radiant and glowing.

Root chakra physical issues, constipation, bladder, colon, emotional, insecurities, finances, basic needs, well being.

When this chakra is balanced you will feel more grounded to earth, secure both physically and emotionally.

Sacral Chakra organs, urinary tract infections, lower back pain and impotency, emotions, sexuality, trauma.

When this chakra is balanced it you will feel more self worth, self love and have pleasure in your relationships around pleasure, sexuality and creativity.

Solar Plexus digestive issues, ulcers, heartburn, eating disorders, and Indigestion, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, fears and anxieties.

When this chakra is balanced it helps with our manifestation and transformation, feeling confident and personal power.

Heart Chakra heart problems, physical health, asthma, weight issues, loneliness, insecurities.

When this chakra is balanced it helps with our ability to love, self love and connect with others.

Throat Chakra voice and throat problems, dominating conversations, gossiping, speaking without thinking, Teeth, gums and speaking the truth.

When this chakra is balanced it helps with having compassion, being true to yourself, feel confident when you speak, listening to others the ability to be honest express your thoughts, creativity and allows energy to flow in this area.

Third eye Chakra headaches, issues with sight or concentration, hearing problems, having trouble listening to reality, not being in tune with your intuition.

When this chakra is balanced it helps with trusting your intuition and the ability to observe energys and auras and trust your own intuition, wisdom and inner knowledge.

Crown Chakra this chakra can affect the whole entire chakra system, the nervous system, every organ in this system and the mind, being narrow minded, skeptical and even stubborn.

When this chakra is balanced it helps with being more connected, spiritual connection and transformation, bringing you bliss and enlightenment, helping the whole chakra system function properly when they are all balanced and feel in a more calm peaceful place.

Spiritual Tantra encourages people to get to know their own mind, body, soul and spirit and allowing you to become in tune with your true self. By understanding the desire of ones own path and spirituality

Spiritual Hot Stone Massage

Why have I called my Hot Stone Massage a spiritual Hot Stone Massage.

In a spiritual sense, hot stones are believed to have a quality within them that represents the core of the earth that omits a sense of grounding, when a hot stone massage is practiced the ancient way.

Hot stones have been used for 1000 of years and are known for spiritual healing centering around chakras and energy channelling. Hot stones help balance the chakras, bringing you into alignment between body, mind and spirit. The purpose of a stone massage is to anchor the root chakra and the second sacral chakra of the body. These chakras help us remain grounded to earth, which is why hot stone massage is really good to help balance these chakras.

Not only is a hot stone massage, spiritual and good to awaken all the energy, but there is many more benefits during this treatment.

Heat has long been known to reduce various muscle complaints that feel stiff and painful. Heat can increase blood flow to the tense area, release stress and tension, abdominal pain, blood vessels and circulation, helping you feel more revitalised and being able to go about your day to day life.

With that in mind, a hot stone massage feels like a great option when you’re looking to get centered and really connect with nature and overall relaxation of the mind, body and soul.

Hot Towel Scrub Ritual

Hot Towel Scrub ritual will help you to cleanse your mind, body and spirit using water that has helped us communicate our spiritual way of life for centuries in many cultures, beliefs and practices. During this treatment I will also be using natural salts and sometimes oils as it works well for natural healing and manifestation.

Not only is this treatment spiritual but it can help you physically as it’s an easy way to reduce muscle tension, allowing toxins to leave the body and making way for new ones and it can have an immediate impact on our whole entire energy, giving you an even more vibrant ray not only spiritually but physically.

Self love This deep self-care ritual can improve your relationship with your self and your body, inviting in some extra self love for yourself. Helping you show love to areas of your body that you don’t typically explore.

Detoxes Hot towel scrubs open the pores in our skin, allowing toxins to surface and exit the body. It also exfoliates our skin, getting rid of dead skin cells and making way for new ones and our skin is also our largest organ.

Reenergise Can be amazing to awakening all the energy as a hot towel scrub can spread energy through the entire body and the chakras. With this treatment done in the morning, a hot towel scrub can help energize you for the rest of the day.

Promotes circulation Hot towel scrubs helps get our blood moving and promote circulation throughout the entire body, making you feel more revitalised to go about your day to day life.

Relieves stress water has been used for centuries to cleanse the mind, body and soul. A hot towel ritual can literally bring you into a blissful meditative calm place of being and not only can it energise you it can also work well to help calm and quiet the mind and body making you feel more relaxed and in the present moment.