Spiritual Life Coach

Essex & London
Life Coach, Motivational Speaker & Spiritual Healer

You have more than likely been searching on how to improve your mind, body and soul, or feeling you need a bit of spiritual maintenance and not satisfied with your day to day life are you feeling unbalanced and not in alignment, then keep reading my page.

Would you like help with raising your vibration and busting through those blocks that are holding you back through your journey in life.

What if I told you that you could literally transform your life for the better with my knowledge, teaching and mentorship.

Helping you shift all the negative blocks that don’t fulfill your true inner being. You can truly manifest your dreams and visions and make it your reality, because if you can see it in your mind you can hold it in your hands and if you can feel it in your soul you can see it with your eyes.

I am a qualified Motivational life coach, meditation and Relaxation Teacher, Chakra Healer, Tantra Practitioner, Spiritual Teacher, Motivational Speaker, Manifestation Coach, Massage Therapist and Energy Healer.

Not only do I have qualifications in all of my specialities, but I have a mass amount of life experience through my journey in life, with a lot of knowledge and experience.

I have travelled many places around the world and have friends from all walks of life, I love and have passion with what I teach and love seeing people grow and help in transforming their lives.

I have discovered, revealed and have proven to myself and others that many of the things that are important in my life which has helped others manifest a fruitful life, further more I have helped transform lives by giving people balance, happiness, peace, healing, healthy lifestyle, active lifestyle, motivation, calmness and connection to their higher sense of self and becoming one with the divine universe.

I have also had the pleasure of witnessing clients having spiritual awakenings and seeing them living a truly blissful life. I have clients from all around the world that I work and teach on law of attraction life coaching, chakra healing, several types of meditations and spiritual teachings and saving the best until last teaching the 12 laws of the universal laws of the universe.

Through me helping and coaching you, you will also experience more positive interactions with others feel more alive, active and become more creative, have passion for what you do in life because when you feel in alignment, it all helps with the true manifestation of your journey, you will not only feel good on the inside, you will raise your vibration and everything will materialize in your physical realm.

Dream with your eyes open

My teachings will help you not only master the law of attraction but help you master the 12 laws of the universe. You will learn the science and psychology around the law of attraction and the true power of the mind and soul. You will learn how to refocus the mind how to re-wire, how to stop negative thoughts and thinking patterns you will unlock your own inner powers to manifest the things you desire. It gets even better you can become an uplifting leader as true leadership is having passion, love for what you do maybe you are already a boss but lacking on leadership and need help to orientate others on your team and throughout your journey in life and create a life far more fruitful than you could imagine. Why not dream with your eyes open and make it your reality.

There is far more to life than what you have learned by parents, family members, coworkers and most of all schooling and even society.

Would you like to meditate and learn how to allow your energy to flow freely and trust that the best of your intentions, thinking and actions are all being used to your highest potential, be sure that you are channeling and using the energy within correctly and for your higher sense of self. There is a list of all my teachings, classes, workshops and one to one session below.

Our Spiritual Practises, teachings, classes, workshops and 1to1 sessions include:

  • Motivational Life Coaching
  • Law of attraction workshops
  • The 12 Laws of the universe workshops
  • Spiritual Teacher
  • 7 Primary Chakra Workshop
  • Crystal Healing
  • Chakra Healer
  • Meditation Practitioner
  • Balance and Harmonize Yin and Yang
  • Tantra Yoga Teacher
  • Spiritual Tantra Practitioner
  • Crystal Sound Bath Therapy
  • Tantra workshops
  • Sound Healing
  • Healing Trauma, Anxiety and Depression
  • Self-love and Self-awareness
  • Overcoming Insomnia and Addictions
  • Mudra and mantra meditations
  • Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind
  • Manifestation Coaching
  • Creating Inner Peace
  • Spiritual Massages